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Some people notice some major changes in their body while switching to a vegan diet. Oftentimes, these are good changes like clearer skin, brighter eyes, flatter stomach but sometimes our body goes through changes we don't quite understand or know how to manage. Hair loss is a normal, healthy, everyday occurrence but when our hair gets drier or starts to shed more, panic sets in. The best way to counter these effects is to:

1) Check with your Health Coach, Nutritionist or Doctor

2) Add some supplements into your lifestyle to help battle those beauty bummers.

Vegan supplements can be tricky to find sometimes, but vegan hair supplements could be even harder to come across. You're in luck because we've made it easy for you by gathering up some of the best!

PUKKA Natural Vitamin C


Vitamin C helps to promote healthy hair growth and prevents yucky buildup and scalp irritation like dandruff. Dandruff and other scalp conditions can hinder and inhibit the growth process, making it harder to get the long, healthy hair of our dreams. These are also Organic which makes our little green hearts sing.

Fountain The Hair Molecule

This daily supplement boasts strand strengthening and conditioning benefits, with vegan silicon, biotin and hyaluronic acids for the best absorption and deepest penetraion into the hair. This not only improves texture and elasticity but the ability to grow longer and stronger hair in general. This woud also benefit your nails!

Hum Red Carpet


While Hum has an amazingly huge array of supplements that are vegan and gf, we think the best fir for longer, shinier hair would be the "Red Carpet". While rich in plant based Omegas, it hydrates and plumps the hair while restoring healthy cells and helping the growth process along.

My Kind Organics Daily Multi


While they offer several supplements as well (for men and women) taking your multi is important to any beauty woe. This way we help fill in any gaps we might miss with our diet which could lead to drier, lackluster locks. Also, adding your multi with extra hair care like weekly masks and treatments can help create your desired length and shine much faster!

Last but certainly not least is diet. Be sure to get plenty of water and rest as our body process rely heavily on these two things to happen. Start adding in some green smoothies, big salads for lunchtime and cutting back on things like refined sugars. These changes not only help your hair but your mind, skin, eyes and a lot of other body process we don't even think about too!


About Amarie Halley

Amarie is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Skincare Specialist, Makeup artist and Cruelty-Free beauty guru. She's natural food buff and loves holistic remedies, tinctures and healing foods. Her passion is bringing beauty and compassion together, for inside and out gorgeousness!

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